Hengyang Kaixin Special Material Techonolgy Co.,LTD

The most stringent quality assurance
We have 12 international top quality management
We have no sample and batch
Each product is strictly in accordance with custom
Quality is our blood
Is our continuation of the ingenuity
Reasonable product pre-sales analysis
We will do a professional performance evaluation for every customer and application environment of each product; put this performance evaluation strictly on
the product delivery inspection; ensure the reliability of each product use; safety; and service life. We
optimize our product structure. We are your engineers!
—— Reason to choose us ——
The company has excellent management talents, high-quality marketing team, with professional business
operations, to provide customers with professional technical guidance, product structure optimization, formula
modulation for different needs,
Learn about the product application environment, one-on-one technical support, and professional after-sales
service team.
Top process control

12 top material engineers

12 international quality management

31 national application patents

20 high-end testing equipment
Our advantage
Optimize costs; look to the future
Many times the choice of silicon nitride products does not immediately put pressure on you to reduce costs; but in our alternative type, the more severe the application
scenario, the more obvious the lifespan of silicon nitride products compared to the alternatives, and even Dozens of times longer. We can help you focus on the future, optimize costs while improving work safety; reliability!
- Low pressure casting industry -
- Polysilicon Industry -
- Wind power; Aerospace; Military and others -
Innovative company
Company Profile
       Hengyang Kaixin Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaixin Technology), located in the beautiful Yancheng-
Hengyang, is a high-tech industrial company engaged in the
production of special ceramic materials.
After years of accumulated technical research, the company has
achieved breakthroughs in a number of patented technologies, and
gradually established a scientific technology research and
development system and a mature modern production line. With the
unique production technology and advanced production equipment,
high-purity silicon nitride ceramics have been realized. Large-scale
production, product quality is at the leading domestic level. The use of microwave high-temperature sintering bell kiln scale production of
large-scale nitride special ceramics is still the first case at home and
abroad, not only energy-saving emission reduction, but also green.
Today, Kaixinfacai Technology not only occupies quality advantages in products, but also fully integrates brand power and marketing
resources, and strives to build a new image of China's special ceramics, making a strategic decision to establish a brand with quality through
a brand winning market. Give full play to the advantages of talents,
quality advantages, market advantages, and return to the society with high-quality products and satisfactory services. We sincerely welcome
friends from all walks of life to visit us for guidance and seek common development.
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